About Mark Cave

img_2608Before The Work found me my life went from one drama to the next. A lot of this centred around my family life and in particular my relationship with my father. I believed that he was an abusive and cruel man and, having an Italian background, there was plenty of strong emotions involved when I was believing my negative thinking. I was living the life of a deeply traumatised man, fear, anxiety, and depression controlled my world.

When I started doing The Work I noticed the effect immediately.  It was as if the great burden that I experienced as life was being lifted off of me. Sometimes the effect of doing The Work was small and at other times groundbreaking as I began to discover a new clarity and lightness. What I understood was that the process was working so I continued to embrace it and use The Work at every opportunity.

After 15 years in The Work I now experience a freedom in my life that I thought was only reserved for the enlightened.  What I have discovered is that my painful identity has let me go. Life is full of wonder, adventure, and unlimited possibilities. When the dramas return I always have a worksheet.

My relationship with my father did a complete turnaround when I realised that he criticised me because he loved me so much. One day when he criticised me I thanked him for it and asked what other advice he had for me.  After a long pause on the telephone he said “I will never criticise you again, Mark”.  I responded with “Don’t stop—I’m just getting it”. In that moment the connection that I had always longed for happened. The game was over and all we could find was a deep and boundless love for each other until he left his body recently. By being willing to go in for the truth I was able to reconnect with my father in ways that I thought would never be possible.

I offer one on one Skype sessions, residential retreats, and introduction to The Work courses. The Work, for me has always been about self realisation.  I experience it as being willing to sit in your heart space, hence the name “The Heart of The Work”.  I specialise in relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and stress. The Work is a process, a practice and a gift that I love to pass forward. The truth is within you and that is the only place that I can help you to find it.