About Mark Cave

Mark does the important work of teaching people, virtually and in person, to enjoy the benefits of self-awakening and freedom from stressful thoughts. Mark’s sessions are an excellent environment for anyone dealing with difficulties in their life. They will be busy, relaxed, participative affairs where everyone is having a good time while learning. Participants of Mark’s sessions will learn how to eliminate fear and stress and enjoy growing confidence and energy.

A biography…

Before The Work found Mark, his life went from one drama to the next. A lot of this centred around his up-and-down family life and in particular the torrid relationship with his father. Mark believed that he was an abusive and cruel man and, having an Italian background, there were plenty of strong emotions involved when I was believing my negative thinking. I was living the life of a deeply traumatised man. Fear, anxiety, and depression controlled my world.

When Mark started doing The Work I noticed the positive effect immediately.  “It was as if the great burden that I experienced as life was being lifted off of me,” says Mark, “Sometimes the effect of doing The Work was small and at other times groundbreaking.” Mark discovered a new clarity and lightness. It has now been 15 years since Mark began his journey with The Work. He says he now experiences a freedom in his life that he thought was only reserved for the enlightened. His painful identity was let go and his life is now full of wonder, adventure, and unlimited possibilities. When the dramas return, he always refers to a worksheet to get through them.

His relationship with his father did a complete turnaround. Mark adds: “I realised that he criticised me because he loved me so much. One day when he criticised me, I thanked him for it and asked what other advice he had for me. After a long pause on the telephone, he said “I will never criticise you again, Mark.”  That’s when Mark realized that he finally was getting it. The constant back and forth was over and they discovered a deep and boundless love for each other until his recent passing. Mark was able to interrogate the truth and that helped him reconnect with his father in ways that he thought would never be possible.

Mark now offers one on one Skype sessions, residential retreats, and professional introductions to The Work courses. 

The Work, for me, has always been about self-realisation. I experience it as being willing to sit in your heart space, hence the name “The Heart of The Work.”  I specialise in relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and stress. The Work is a process, a practice, and a gift that I love to pass forward. The truth is within you and that is the only place that I can help you to find it.”

What is The Heart of The Work…?

Four simple questions, formulated by founder Byron Katie, will challenge your notions of what your lives should be. The entire process involves writing down troubling thoughts and then asking four questions that help you face the facts about the conflict. These questions come with worksheets, guidelines, and the experienced guidance of Mark cave as a facilitator. These exercises will strip your beliefs and thoughts to the bare minimum, and you will see them for what they are, not for what you’ve imagined they are. Big issues might be cut down to a small insecurity, and this gets you going on the path to freedom from stress and anxiety. Sessions with Mark will help you discover how your deepest beliefs are often based in misunderstanding. We will get rid of thoughts that don’t have true answers or meanings because all they do is cause you stress. Things like “what ifs” and “I should have or could have” imaginings, can’t be proven and are inherently debatable and unknowable. Stop driving yourself crazy trying to hold onto perceptions and do the opposite. Set yourself free by questioning dodgy thoughts and exposing them for what they are. 

“I promise to help you confront those negative thoughts, judgements and perceptions and help you turn them around to empower you. I know what The Work has done for me, and I know what it can do for other people. Sessions with me will help you discover a whole new side of yourself that you didn’t even realize was there, and let me tell you, there’s a whole lot of joy waiting for you on the other side!”