Body Image

Byron Katie believes that no body is broken, it might be lost in a world of stressful thoughts but there’s nothing wrong with it. In the reality of the moment that is now, your body is perfect. You may start doubting that perfection once you start comparing it to others. Without our own preconceived judgements about being too thin or too fat, there is nothing to compare, and everything is accepted for what it is. Comparison will keep you from the awareness of what is and the further you are from loving what is, the further you are from your own wisdom. The practises of The Work will help you question thoughts that cause you suffering. It doesn’t matter what your thoughts are about your body, it is still perfect. It’s perfect because it is the one that you need in order to be exactly who you are in this moment.

There is no cure, only awareness of your true story

Sometimes, people turn to The Work with the hopes of healing their bodies and they don’t understand that the healing isn’t even up to the body, but in the mind. Your body isn’t holding you back from freeing yourself from painful thoughts about it, if this were the case then plumper persons could never experience self-realization. The disables and sick would be equally as hopeless and only know lives of suffering but we know this isn’t the case. Your thoughts about perfection would leave out practically everyone in the whole human race! We all fall victim to the though that we need to get their life perfect first, and then we’ll have peace. Can we just do it from here, now?

Free the mind and free the body

“Meet your stressful thoughts with understanding. You may spend years eating the right food, exercising every day, and getting your body into optimal shape, and then a truck hits you in the crosswalk. Can you be happy right now? —not tomorrow, not in 10 minutes? I use the word happy to mean the natural state of peace and clarity. That’s what The Work gives us,” says Katie. Your body doesn’t crave, want, love, or hate on its own. It only reflects whatever the mind attaches to, and physical addictions are only mental ones. Your body will follow your mind and if the mind is at peace, it projects the body as perfect even in dark moments of insecurity. 

How The Work’s practises can end thoughts about body image that cause suffering

The believed orientation to dieting and getting to the “right” weight can cause you physical tension and be very stressful. The thoughts and constant active acts of obsession can be more stressful than we sometimes realize. You need to realize those thoughts and investigate them because if you allow more peaceful thinking and behaviours, which starts in the brain, the body will balance out in its own way. Who would you be without the thought: “I know what my weight should be!”? We’re sure you can already imagine how freeing this would be. You can stop endlessly thinking about what your body should look like, what weight it should be, or how to tweak all your meals, and just focus on mindful energy that let’s you love your body because it let’s you be yourself today.

The Work’s practises will guide you on the personal journey towards: