The way of INTEGRITY E-Course

A six-week course with facilitation by Mark Cave

Mark C.

According to Martha Beck’s guided introspection journey, the definition of the word integrity is derived from the Latin word“integer”, which simply means to be “intact.” As we start the New Year, it is an excellent time to begin anew and question what makes us feel whole and what fragments us. The true hope of The Way of Integrity is living a life that is one thing, whole and undivided. We will explore the situations where we are not intact and question the thoughts that make us willing to follow the lead of others instead of listening to what we know is right for us. Join our E-Course set for 2022, and step into the new year with the intention to be intact.

Course reading

Before enrolling for the course, please familiarise yourself with Martha Beck’s book “The Way of Integrity” and The Work of Byron Katie. This course combines The Work of self-inquiry and the four-step exercises from the way of integrity.

Course description

During our six weeks, together we will look at how our core values and integrity are linked. We will explore where our thoughts, words and actions are not in sync with who we are. The truths that we discover will open new doors and present new opportunities. It will be a self-inquiring process of questioning the beliefs that stop us from living our integrity in all areas of our lives, including relationships, employment, diet choices and more.

Course details

Course dates: January 4th to February 8th, 2022

Time: 8:00am-9:30am AEST Sydney time

Course duration: Six weeks

Course cost: $180AUD /$125USD

Refund policy

We have a no-questions-asked refund policy for up to 7 days before the course begins. If you make a refund request within seven days, they will be considered on a case-by-case approach. No refunds after the course starts.