Heading post 3

Byron Katie was trapped in a ten-year depressed spiral and couldn’t find a way out. At the worst of it, she couldn’t even leave the house or get up to shower. Then, during the year that she turned 43, she checked herself into a facility out of pure desperation. It was here that she experienced a life changing moment that affected her survival, and the future survival of millions of people around the world. She came up with the four questions while she was in isolation and it’s the first time she truly realized the truth of her life. She then fully realized an awakening that remained for years and years of clarity. 

After her return from the facility, she realized that people were drawn to her and that they wanted to know her secret. More and more people came to see her, and she became convinced that what they needed, if anything, was not her personal presence, but a way to discover for themselves that she had realized. The Work is therefore the embodiment of the questioning that had arisen in her during a moment of hopelessness. She went to the deepest and darkest moments, lived it, tested it and came out stronger. She realized she had a responsibility to help others before they reached this point. She quickly went to work formulating it, packaging it, and teaching it, for other people to use. Now, Byron Katie has been an activist for self-awakening for well over three decades and continues to change the lives of many. The Work has been a successful, universal method to help millions of people around the world to free themselves from stress, frustration, anger, and sadness.

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