Our minds are more powerful than we care to give them credit for. You can think yourself into counter-productive moods even if there isn’t anything actually wrong at that moment in time. You have the power to create thoughts that are so convincing that you start thinking that they are reality. You need to do The Work to take a moment, pause and evaluate these thoughts because if you leave them to run away, it will only cause you pain and stress.

How stressful thoughts hurt our relationships

We tend to do the same thing when it comes to the people we love. After all, don’t we all stay in a relationship because we want something out of it or maybe it’s because we fear losing something? When you think about your relationship, what is it for you? Everything you discover while focusing on your thoughts will give you the answers. These answers are the motives that are driving you and then you come face to face with your motives. We’ll use one of Byron Katie’s interactive The Work worksheets and confront them. We’ll find exactly how the source of any suffering in your relationship is exactly what you are thinking and believing about it. 

Our judgements can come between our relationships and genuine connection

Let us, help you, explore the mental roadblocks through the self-inquiry process offered by The Work. This is what you can expect from a one-on-one session facilitated by Mark Cave:

What is Byron Katie’s The Work?

The Work is a meditative process, which includes taking a moment of stillness to get in touch with yourself and a fuller experience of life. It is an inquiry into ourselves to identify the thought that you’re thinking and believing in an actual situation in the past or your future that you may fear or dread. It won’t be easy, and it will take courage to question our thinking, thoughts, and believing, to see our part, and look at ourselves from a different perspective. The Work will allow everyone to wake up to the true reality of our nature.

“If I can get free, then anyone can get free, it’s a process. We either believe our thoughts, or we question them, there is no other choice.”
— Byron Katie

What about you? Do you have any thoughts right now that are causing pain and suffering? Are they putting strain on your relationship? Are you determined to question those thoughts to see if they are worth holding onto? Your life and your relationship could be better if you decided to drop a particularly painful thought. 

Can you imagine a life where you free yourself from terror, insecurity, and other painful thoughts in your loving relationships? It’s time to break the grip from fearful belief and meet it with something truer. You may start enjoying more love in your heart, and in your relationships.

How Byron Katie’s The Work can strengthen your relationship