Want to hear what our clients are saying

“I have attended Marks most excellent hosting of “The Work of Byron Katie” workshops and I wholeheartedly recommend and wish him well in all his endevours. To attend his workshops I hapily drove an hour each way, the quality, value and depth of his understanding is rare and beautiful. I also appreciate the personal nature of his interactions with each and every one of us, and the flexibility with which he flowed through the curriculum. Thank you again Mark, for your generous teachings”

Jayne Hadley, Lismore

“After experiencing an outburst of anger that left me (and many others) in a state of disharmony. I remembered Mark mentioned having a go at ‘The work’. Now I had the initiative to give it a go. Wow! The information that was exchanged provided very useful tools that I can apply to many aspects of my life. The day after doing the work, I experienced a clarity similar to a satisfying yoga asana session. This ascertained that on an emotional level it released blockages and therefore created a sense of peace within that can then be transpired to the rest of the community. Thank you Mark & Paula, you are an inspirational couple”

Ilias the Greek

I have done The Work with Mark on several occasions, he is a professional and caring facilitator who has skilfully helped me find my own hidden truths. Thank you Mark.”

Tony Brimingham, Gold Coast

“I attended Mark Cave’s Byron Katie Workshops and experienced the depth and simplicity of doing ‘The Work’. Mark’s honesty, openness and relentless pursuit for truth has been an inspiration for me.  I continue to be a student of ‘The Work’ because in difficult times ‘The Work’ has helped me to accept myself and others, and to realise that what I thought happened never did.”

Fiona Munro, Murwillumbah